Mingke, Steel Belt

By admin on 2022-08-29
Recently, Mingke delivered a set of steel belts for 8’ width wood-based panel production line to Guangxi Pingnan Lisen Environmental Protection Material Co.,Ltd., a customer in the wood-based panel...
By admin on 2022-06-30
Lately, Mingke managed to deliver 2 pieces of 8’ MT1650 stainless steel belts to Guangxi Lelin Forestry Group from wood-based panel industry, and this is the second time that Lelin chooses us. It’...
By admin on 2022-04-21
5 sets of chemical flaking machine, in production by Mingke. Applications of Belt Pastillator (Single Belt Pastillator): Paraffin, sulfur, chloroacetic acid, PVC a...
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